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Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Guitars illustrated on the instruments page are representative of my work. The prices shown are based on making a guitar with the same wood choice inlay work, rosette, dimensions etc as illustrated. The price quoted does not include a case, postage and shipping. The materials used, scale lengths, type of rosette, inlay designs and other details can be customised to individual orders. Please email me with your specific requirements and I will build this into a free quote.

Cases can be provided at an additional cost. These are made by Kingham MTM and cost in the region of £400-500 for more information please see the Kingham MTM website www.kinghammtm.com

I use Aquila Nylgut as standard for stringing up guitars however, if you have a preference to type of stringing please let me know and I will set your instrument up accordingly. 

At the time of providing you with a quote I will also advise as to waiting list and approximate delivery time. Whilst I will do my best to meet the quoted build time I can offer no guarantee of meeting it exactly. 

I require a non refundable deposit of 20% of the total bill upon ordering an instrument. Once the instrument has been completed the full payment is required prior to shipping the instrument.  

I guarantee instruments for two years against defects in workmanship provided that the instrument has been stored in a temperature controlled environment and has been strung with the strings and tension it was built for. In the event of repair work being necessary the cost of transporting the guitar back to my workshop is the responsibility of the buyer. Once the two year period has expired I will repair instruments for a fee. 


Change the flat rosette (left) to a sunken multi tier rosette (right) add £200








Change the rosette border from simple line design (left) to a chevron border (right) add £100





Change of back and sides wood from pear (left) to rosewood (right) add £70






Change the single piece side (left) to a multi rib side (right) add £200





Change the line binding (left) to chevron edge work (right) 

Ebony and Holly add £230

Ebony and Bone add £260

Ebony and Pearl add £280

Any guitar can be customised by changing features such as rosette, rosette border, binding/edge work, woods and materials used, as well as scale length. Please note most of these features need to be agreed prior to the guitar being built. It may not be possible to alter the design part way through the building process. 

Customising your guitar

Example: Basic Voboam model guitar £2,000