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Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
I am a luthier who specialises in making bespoke Renaissance, Baroque and period guitars. I live and work in Nantwich, Cheshire, England.  

I was taught woodwork by my father, some of my earliest memories are in his workshop. Luthiery is my passion. I have been making stringed instruments since the age of fourteen and have over twenty years experience in the craft. My first instrument was built when I could not afford to buy a white Stratocaster, like the guitar played by Jimi Hendrix. Having made one guitar I was addicted and have not stopped making  instruments since that first Strat. Whilst electric guitars were my first creations I soon turned my attention towards acoustic instruments which offered much more exciting and challenging prospects. I soon started making all sorts of stringed instruments including guitars, mandolins, violins and ukuleles.


History has always fascinated me.  I am specialist valuer employed by Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers. Studying and analysing historical objects is something which I am accustomed to.  I turned my attention towards early stringed musical instruments in 2006 and produced several lutes and viols. Since 2010 I have devoted my work to making only Baroque and Renaissance guitars as these are the instruments that interest me the most. I enjoy the challenge of making such tiny guitars sing and at the same time relish in the complexities of the inlay work and decoration that festoons these early guitars.

During the course of my career I have had the opportunity to measure and study several original instruments. From these observations I have developed a working style that attempts to stay as close to the period pieces as possible, but also exploits careful use of some modern advantages to remedy  weaknesses sometimes evident in historical guitars. 


When not making guitars I am playing music. I am a semi-professional double bassist, I also play violin and guitar. My other interests include tribal art, especially that of Africa, also cycling, and target shooting with an especial interest in early black powder flintlock and percussion firearms of the 18th and early 19th century.